Mary-jane R. Snyder

Mary-jane R. Snyder was in the family planning/population field for more than 30 years. Journalist by training and a communications and social marketing specialist by profession, Snyder headed a small, Evanston, IL based public relations agency, Mj Enterprises, which consulted in the US and in the developing world in a fairly narrowly defined area: communications in population, family planning and adolescent sexuality. She helped run press rooms for UN Population Conferences in Bucharest '74 and Mexico City '84 -- and at Asian Parliamentarian Conferences and Population Conferences in Sri Lanka.

In 1992 she ran a special press service at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janerio and in 1994 at the UN Women's Conference in Cairo. Her assignments have included: India, China, Nepal, Guyana, Portugal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka.

She was a founding member of the Board of Population Communication International (PCI) and past chair of the Board of the Population Institute (PI), both agencies whose missions are to increase world wide awareness of the threat of the world's constantly increasing population.

A University of Illinois graduate and a former newspaper woman, Snyder came into the family planning field on a free lance public relations assignment for Planned Parenthood of Chicago. She rose to become Executive Director of the Association, and a consultant for 25 years to the University of Chicago Community and Family Study Center. She chose to open her own shop in 1978.

She was involved in community development and community service on many levels: as a founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW), a member of the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, and as national vice¨president of Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI). She was one of the founders of LINKS, of the Illinois Caucus on Teen Pregnancy, and of the Adolescent Services Network (ASN).

She held a number of awards for professional excellence including WICIís highest honor -- National Headliner, several Helen Cody Baker awards, a Publicity Club "Golden Trumpet", the Gladys Shute Award from Oakton College "for significant contribution to the Advancement of Women," and recently the WICI Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Mary-jane R. Snyder, founder of Private Line and Mj Enterprises

Mary-jane R. Snyder, founder of Private Line and Mj Enterprises